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FP talk at DevTalks Bucharest

Posted by icslab team on Jun 5, 2017

avr.PhD. Alexandru Gherega continues the series of knowledge sharing sessions with a new, exciting talk about functional programming and Clojure at DevTalks, in Bucharest, on June 8.

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DevTalks Cluj Impressions

Posted by icslab team on May 21, 2017

Dev Talks has established itself as a powerful developer's conference with all the juicy garniches. The icslab team has attented this year at the Cluj conference with a Clojure workshop so we got to see all the action from the front row.

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Clojure workshop at DevTalks Cluj

Posted by icslab team on May 12, 2017

Whether you are already familiar with Clojure's functional programming approach, or just curious about it, join avr.PhD. Alex Gherega on a 3h journey through the main basic features of this language, on May 17, in Cluj-Napoca.

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computer science programming

Hot research topics in CS for 2017

Posted by avr.PhD. Alex Gherega on Jan 3, 2017

As scientists it is always beneficial to keep up with the scientific communities' trends with respect to research topics. As

(and :engineers :scientists)

what we want is to offer a real, moral and authentic gain from our efforts and research.

As we all come to know, the academic domain has also turn into somewhat of a corporate-slash-political scene.

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MDL capabilities and weaknesses

Posted by Georgiana Mania on Nov 24, 2016

When choosing the technology stack for building the presentation site for into lambda event, we had some clear objectives in mind:

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