The Bucharest Clojure Meetup group gathered for the first time this month to meet in person and to set the common ground for building a new community.


schema - a Clojure(Script) library for declarative data description and validation

avr.PhD. Alexandru Gherega delivered a very interesting talk about schema. We learned about its main concepts and we dug a little bit into some cool functional examples. The slides are available here.

aero - a small, simple and user-friendly Clojure(Script) library for handling explicit configurations

Georgiana Mania gave us a grasp on why it can be helpful and how does it work. The slides are available here.

Clojure meetup

This meetup is for anyone willing to learn and to share some knowledge about Clojure language (& friends: ClojureScript, Datomic) and its related tools and frameworks.

Join us and our future events :)