Math and clojure coolness were the perfect ingredients for a breezy meetup in mid August, in Bucharest.


As he describes himself, avr.PhD. Alex Gherega is a straight forward down to earth curious & futurist. Alex is a Computer Scientist and an advocate for FP, Clojure and true engineering solutions. His principles saw light in the brand and projects, and his mantra is "authenticity".


Alex started the meetup by talking about clojure.spec and walked us through its main features by code examples. Going from simple validators to more advanced generators, the audience got a grasp of specs's benefits.

Then he went through some cool algebra concepts belonging to group theory and showed us how easy they can be translated into functional code. For those unfamiliar with Clojure, this was the moment of realization that Clojure has a powerful math behind it which enables it to provide the ease in implementing and modeling complex functions.

The last part was focused on the power of symbols into Clojure's homoiconic world. Some cool macros reminded us why we like Clojure so much.

Thank you, Alex!

ICSLab’s corner

We would like to thank for hosting this event.

What next?

Looking forward to the next meetup in autumn! To register for future events, join Bucharest Clojure Meetup group.