October's session reunited old and new fellow Clojurians who enjoyed 2 technical talks and who responded positively to the challenge to raise the level of this community.


Victor Cleja is a regular Java EE dev that tries to use various Clojure tools in his day-to-day work without getting caught.

Sonny is freelance software engineer from Philadelphia, PA but now he's a nomad and the last place he called home was NYC. Sonny has been programming with Clojure since 2010 and he liked it so much that he took a pay cut just so he can work on a clojure project 3 years ago. Now he is just taking a break from working so he can work on tech problems that interests him.

The founder of icslab.eu, avr.PhD. Alex Gherega is a Clojure enthusiast and a true didact who brings a new educational project to the table.


Victor showed us his way of exploring the Clojure ecosystem using Clojure. He looks for interesting clj repositories and their dependencies in order to get a better overview of the community and the inspiration for his future projects.

Sonny told us a few things about his new project: a peer-to-peer distributed decentralized database and its potential real world applications. He writes Clojure code while interacting with Datomic and geo-position systems to bring his idea to life.

Alex challenged the audience to start contributing to the local community and to improve Clojure skills through a series of events and workshops conducted by the group's most experienced engineers and developers. Ideas and suggestions are welcome and a roadmap will be put together soon.

ICSLab’s corner

We would like to thank for hosting this event.

What next?

Looking forward to the next (and last meetup session of the year) which takes place on November, 27!

To register for future events, join the Bucharest Clojure Meetup group.