2017's last meetup was a mixture of leaning some things about semantics, Clojure and .. planes. Of course that we are speaking about paper gliders knowledge gathered as folding experience.


avr.PhD. Alex Gherega is a Clojure enthusiast and a true didact, always curious to learn new and interesting things.


In the first part of the presentation, Alex discussed semantic approaches and some of their applications. Then we joined him in a live coding example in the quest of finding what "ISIR" is. Clojure.spec library proved to be very helpful when deadling with semantics in a dynamic language.

Since each participant has his own answer for the question "What is a plane?", Alex proved once again that understanding semantics is one of the fundamental pillars for building a truly intelligent algorithm.

At the end of his presentation, Alex challenged the audience to discussed the future of this community and some ideas regarding some joint projects under the Clojure umbrella.

The last but not least achievement of the evening was learning how to fold a paper plane. We all enjoyed it very much!

Thanks, Alex!

ICSLab’s corner

We would like to thank for hosting this event.

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