Dev Talks has established itself as a powerful developer's conference with all the juicy garniches. The icslab team has attented this year at the Cluj conference with a Clojure workshop so we got to see all the action from the front row.


Flawless would be the word to describe it. This conference covers it all. You get patience, respect and lots of support from the organization team. The space was very inteligently chosen. You get multiple parallel tracks - as with any agile conference.

We also liked the registration system - any engineer would - as you get an id, type it into the registration interface (onsite) and then gets printed out on the spot. Cool stuff! One downside to that is that they still relied on people to announce you when your badge was printed.

Speakers, active participants and atendees

You get everything at this confernce. Main speakers on various stages, workshops, start-up stands and demos. Networking was very well supported among all these categories so one would feel quite well integrated. In some words: very hight energy place. By the way you do need to forget you native language for the day (unless it's EN) - this is a very polycultural conference.


Although could not attend all of them - but we've heard it from the horses mouth - the traks are very well balanced so you don't get dull moments. And if you do just step into the main hall and get a conversation going with either one of the organizers or with some other passionate bloke/lass going passed you :) You'll definitely have some new CS/IT topic to talk about. Everyone seems very well informed and willing to participiate and engage.

After party

Everything you want from an afetr party. The location was very well chosen so you could get nice quite places to catch up with some postponed conversation, or to start a new discussion on more elaborate topics. But you also got the party effect with all the "noises" you cand hope for :)

Thumbs up!

Definitly this is a very well thought and organized conference where you can meet interesting people, hear nice talks, cover diversity in a variety of fields, and get in touch with an international environment. Thumbs up for DevTalks Cluj. Looking forward to DevTalks Bucharest 8th June 2017. See you there!