Whether you are already familiar with Clojure's functional programming approach, or just curious about it, join avr.PhD. Alex Gherega on a 3h journey through the main basic features of this language, on May 17, in Cluj-Napoca.

Meet your lecturer

Alex is an enthusiast functional programming engineer who has been working with Clojure, Lisp, Haskell, Python or Erlang for 10+ years while focusing into AI, ML algorithms and mathematics using FP.

He was part of the team that introduced Clojure in a large Investment Bank working in an Agile XP/Scrum and TDD environment. For the same project, he prepared and conducted FP and Clojure trainings for new employees.

Alex is the initiator of the first Clojure Summer School in Bucharest, Romania. He is a visiting lecturer at University Politehnica and a constant speaker at FP meet-ups and conferences.

Before joining the industrial sector, Alex brought his contribution to the academic research field of parallel and distributed systems

Workshop roadmap

1st hour
Setup - fine tuning
Clojure induction and hands-on ramp-up
2nd hour
Clojure.core topics [REPL, types, functions, data structures, FP design patterns]
Start-off your Clojure project experiment with useful Clojure
APIs (e.g. collections, trheads, transactions)
3rd hour
Use your new Clojure knowledge and FP passion to develop a small Machine Learning [micro]service

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