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Clean . Green . Focused . Innovative . Engineering

The icslab.eu team focuses its energy on being creative and innovative in its field while harnessing and embracing new technologies and producing the smallest footprints on the environment. We like to hear the words: math, physics, AI, intelligent hardware and sensors, hybrid.



Bucharest Clojure Meetup


This meetup is for anyone willing to learn and to share some knowledge about Clojure language (and friends: ClojureScript, Datomic) and its related tools and frameworks.

The members of this group are functional programming enthusiasts who share the same passion of designing and writing clean, efficient and focused software solutions using cool principles of mathematics and lambda calculus.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in functional programming, we would be happy to meet you and to share interesting ideas. Together, we would like to build a powerful community that will enable us to grow our technical skills and to open our minds. Join us!

into lambda hackathon

Clojure conference and hackathon

into-lambda is a new challenging event in the functional programming environment in Romania.

The journey starts with some enlightening talks given by our experts which trigger your intuition and curiosity for the hackathon that will follow. Grouped in ad-hoc organized teams, you will then join the venture of designing and implementing a new API while improving your Clojure skills and having fun.

Join us!



Crypto-currency arbitrage analyser

Kawase is a Clojure standalone application that runs on Unix/Windows/Mac operating systems. It gathers bid and ask price for all the crypto currency pairs listed at several stock exchanges and computes arbitrages.

Main functionalities also includ search currency pair options and automated notification system.

Colored todo

A brain training exercise and a self-organizing tool

Even if you are a person who just enjoys playing with teasers or one of those persons dependent on self-organizing via todo-lists this app covers you all. The Codo app is a cool and fun way to train your associative memory while keeping you in check with your todo-item tasks. The most important thing is to allow yourself to experiment and play with it. Trust me, you can't break it! One screen, some visual widgets and the basic touchscreen actions: touch & long touch.

Happy braining :)

Money Spenk

Receipt scanner application to monitor your expenses

Money Spenk is a fun app for scanning your receipts and thus help you easily monitor your expenses, all within a juicy interface with awesome features.

Pie Care

E/M-health application

Demo of interconnecting technologies to respond to a simple need in e-Health. We've used a WebRTC based API for streaming video and audio signal, applied some cool strategies and we've researched the tech stack needed for the final result. There are two dedicated app for the patient and the health care taker - we've affectionately called them toddler and nanny. All backed by a cool Clojure based server.

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